TOTALVIEW Global: Since 2001
TOTALVIEW Global was founded when Withit, Incorporated, a Financial VoIP Firm, near the New York Stock Exchange, asked Jane Rubin to Direct their Creative. Withit simultaneously provided Jane with the space to start her own Agency.

Virtually every Totalview account has been won through referral, no pitch needed.

Conceptual and Visual, Jane is both an Exhibited Artist, and a Published Writer. Jane conceptualizes, designs and writes campaigns, from start to finish. She directs and custom-designs all interactive. Jane has never needed to sketch, wire frame or prototype. She sees the whole.

Everything starts with The Visual.

Having also passed the National Futures Association Series 3 and Series 30, Jane brings an enhanced awareness to creative direction for the Trading and Investment Industry.

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Simultaneously an Artist, Jane is a Figurative Painter who could draw form and space in childhood. She was identified as a Talented-Gifted Child in Visual Art, Dance and Music, as well as verbally and mathematically, attributes inherited from both sides of her Family. Protecting talented-gifted children and adults from neglect and bullying in school, social and work settings, as well as advocating for expanded "special education" for talented-gifted in American public schools, is a goal of Jane's.

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